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Improve Productivity, Increase Employee Satisfaction, Decrease Healthcare Expenses

With an evolving workforce, companies need tools to engage and communicate with members. Continuwell provides the seamless mobile platform to help members understand and utilize the benefits you give them. 

All in conjunction with your company’s branding

The Continuwell Platform

Up and running within one week!

  • Empower and engage members with internal and external resources in a simple, easy to use company app
  • Secure fingerprint and facial recognition sign-in
  • One-stop app for engagement to send customized, relevant messages to groups and subgroups
  • Demonstrate your commitment to members with an app that is customized with your logo and your choice of buttons
  • Aggregate access to all relevant applications for work
  • Easily update the app as your needs and resources change

Accessible Via Desktop Computer or Smartphone

Quick – Simple – Affordable

Easy to Administer from your Desktop

  • Out-of-the-box, modular system

  • Aggregate all the resources you want to highlight and modify as needed

  • Personalize content to groups and subgroups
  • Send tailored push notifications and messages straight from your computer
  • Access real-time analytics to asses effectiveness

and much more….

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Productivity tools at employee fingertips 

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of employees are more engaged
with push notifications

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insight into app usage and notification opens

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of employees feel empowered when
using an enterprise mobile app

Take your company communication to the next level with push notifications

Keeping members informed and up to date with company communication is challenging. With our push-notification technology, company communications can be published directly to the members’ mobile device on demand. Relevance becomes immediate. And in times when emergency notification is needed, it’s invaluable.  On average, app users with push notifications were found to have an 88% higher engagement rate.  

You pay for benefits and productivity resources. 
Do your members know how to access them?

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