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Continuwell empowers people to make educated decisions about their health.

Continuwell Doctors and Nurses


Continuwell offers Free 24/7 access to US Registered Nurses and Physicians who can consult, diagnose or prescribe medications by phone or video. Start with a Free Nurse Consult, and only pay for the doctor visit if a prescription or further treatment is needed. Nurses will also send a patient to the nearby Urgent Care Center or the ER if the symptom requires a facility visit.

How to contact a Nurse:

Step 1:

When members need to talk to a nurse or doctor about their symptoms, they simply open the app, enter their concern and request a call. A nurse will call back within minutes, ready to help the caller and address their health concerns FOR FREE! If further care is needed they will
help with instructions.

Step 2:

After a virtual nurse or doctor visit with Continuwell your member will have a clear path of care, whether it is at home or a more urgent situation.

Talk to a Nurse, tell her your symptoms, get a clear care plan. It’s that easy.

  • Easy to access: Send a message and a nurse calls back. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Complete Privacy: We will not share information unless requested by the member
  • Trusted, Independent, and Objective Opinion: We are independent of insurance or pharmaceutical companies
  • Save Money on Telehealth Doctor: Nurses only recommend a doctor visit when necessary

FIND out how you can get your employees and members back to work faster using the 3 easy steps above