You have all of these resources that you have been investing in, but how do you simplify access?

When you sign up for Continuwell, our team will work with you to:

  • Create a custom dashboard to manage employee experience, engagement, and communication

  • Deploy your company app within days

  • Reconfigure the app as your resources change

  • Provide ongoing support

Transform your employee wellbeing with a mobile app for work.

You sign up, we take care of the details.

Provide that next level of engagement with employees.

Improve Communication and Engagement Push notifications

Create targeted messages – Increase visibility and lead people to a call-to-action or link.

Include links to videos and other company tutorials.

Send messages to specific groups or segments. The platform even has the ability to send individual push notifications.

Analyze campaign effectiveness with results from push with our data analytics.

In-app messages

As an administrator, you can create messages in the mobile app dashboard.

No need to create a separate webpage for important company messages.

Check out our eBook to learn more about engaging and communicating with employees.

Promote company culture

Increase productivity and employee loyalty by promoting your company’s focus on health and company resources.

" I love being able to send messages to only those employees who have not gotten their PTO done and then check the open rates and completions in the dashboard. I am a lot more productive now. "

Simplify Access to Key Resources

  • Key resources are conveniently located on the app’s dashboard.
  • Include links to training videos, newsletters, benefits providers, and collaboration tools.

Provide Easy Access to Health

Decrease support calls and emails when you empower employees

  • Give employees control with easy access to company directories and important information. Health Ambassadors are available 24/7 to answer employee questions about health symptoms and your company resources for health.

Administrative Tools

Create events

  • Create and track events for employees
  • Ability for employees to respond and add to their calendars

Track your app usage and engagement. Get insight on which wellness resources, productivity tools, and messages your employees open and spend time with.

Data analytics gives you in-depth understanding of your employees’ preferences and behaviors:

  • What products are popular?
  • Which products are being underutilized
  • Should you send a push message reminder?
  • Details of user behavior available.

Workplace wellness, sustainability programs, and an increased focus on diversity and inclusion are key initiatives new hires are looking for in your company culture. Get the app that allows your company to simplify all of your employee wellbeing initiatives in one place.