News: Saving Healthcare Expenses, Management Time, and Engaging Employees with Health And Wellness

Increase Compliance with Employee Safety Requirements – OSHA, State Plans, and Workplace Safety

Continwuell makes it easier to comply with OSHA and other Employee safety requirements. We make all requirements electronically available and searchable by keyword. Updates in real-time. We increase member access and ensure they follow the rules by having all the requirements in their mobile phones. This increases productivity, enhances communication, and allows managers to evaluate usage.

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Continuwell CEO Recognized for Leadership and Health Technology

Founder and CEO TriageLogic and Continuwell, Dr. Charu Raheja, was recently named one of the Top 35 Women Igniting Success in Jacksonville by the Buzz Media Group. The award honors women executives, entrepreneurs, employees, and the companies they run. The award was presented by Snowden McFall, President of Fired Up and Dawn Gilam from Changing Homelessness.

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