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engagement and productivity platform

Benefits vs Engagement and Productivity Platforms

  It seems that every company, product, or service has an app. In the chaos of all of the available mobile technology, how do companies find a platform that will meet the needs of their employees and management? Though it may be unavoidable to have multiple apps for each of the resources that a company offers employees, including an engagement

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Push Notifications to Drive Awareness and Engagement

Using Push Notifications to Drive Awareness and Engagement With Your Employees

Ensuring that employees stay engaged starts with effective communication. People are four times more likely to see and respond to a push notification rather than email.  Employers are using push notifications to drive awareness and engagement with employees on their company enterprise mobile apps. Most people who own a smartphone are familiar with push notifications from their various apps. They

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How Presenteeism Hurts Productivity

When forming strategies to increase workplace productivity, employers tend to focus on preventing absenteeism. While absences are easily trackable and can, therefore, better tie into productivity metrics, a less visible culprit called presenteeism is more likely to be plaguing your office. Presenteeism occurs when employees cannot fully function at their jobs—usually due to an illness—but come to work anyway. When

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Engaging and Communicating with Employees

A New eBook to Help Empower, Communicate, and Engage Your Employees with Access to Company Resources There are three types of employees: engaged, not-engaged, and actively disengaged. Engaged employees have a passion for their company and are driven for personal and organizational success. Not-engaged employees are those who seem to be just getting by and put no passion or energy

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Remote Employees Engaged

How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Engaged employees are more productive and more loyal to their employers. Yet, a major challenge for companies today is the ever-increasing number of employees working remotely and on different campuses. The rate of employees working from home has grown by 115 percent since 2005, according to Global Workplace Analytics and the Telework Research Network. With more of the workforce leaving

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Company Mobile Application

Measuring the Success of Your Company Mobile Application

  Companies are moving into the mobile space to engage and empower employees. The purpose of a mobile app is to increase productivity and improve active employee engagement. But you will not see a return on your investment if your employees are not using your app as intended. Before implementing a mobile app for your employees, such as the Continuwell

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tools for brokers

Innovative Tools for Brokers to Rollout and Implement Benefits Programs

Once open enrollment is over what are the next steps brokers need to take to ensure a successful rollout? As every successful broker knows, an important aspect of keeping clients is to have a long-term rollout plan in order for their clients’ packages to be successful in the coming year. Having the right implementation tools for brokers in place will

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Engagement Ambassadors

Engagement Ambassadors- The Role of Telehealth in Providing Emotional and Life Support to Employees

When most people think about telehealth they think of worried mothers calling about their babies, elderly patients calling about ailments, and middle-aged adults worried if they are having a heart attack or just gas. Often times, one overlooks the role of trained medical representatives in providing emotional and health support. Studies show that stress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse are

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Company’s Charitable Programs

Increase Engagement in Your Company’s Charitable Programs

It has become increasingly common for organizations to participate in various charitable programs. This shows employees and clients that the company cares, is giving back to the community and is committed to health and wellness. It also increases overall employee engagement and commitment to the company. But how do managers ensure that employees know about the fundraising events? Having an

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