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Health Ambassadors Educate Employees On Food Poisoning

September is National Food Safety Education Month. It provides an opportunity to raise awareness about steps you and your colleagues can take to prevent food poisoning. There have been many food and medication recalls in the news lately, not all of which have the potential to cause health hazards. Watch the interview below from Continuwell co-founder, Doctor Ravi Raheja, on signs of food born illnesses and salmonella. The Continuwell Health Ambassadors have been educating callers on questions related to food poisoning. Learn more about how giving access and encouraging the use of a healthcare professional can keep your colleagues healthy

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Keynote speaker at health advisors conference

Jacksonville, FL August 27, 2018. Continuwell announces CTO Ravi Raheja, MD to be a keynote speaker at the biannual Health Agents for America (HAFA) conference in Las Vegas August 30th  and 31st. Dr. Raheja will discuss client retention and solutions to improve the delivery of benefits and resources to clients. He will present a roadmap to help health advisors assess client needs and implement solutions that can serve those needs and add value to companies.   Attendees will learn about new resources that they can introduce to clients during their visits and discussions of benefits renewal. Members who attend Dr. Raheja’s

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The ROI of Employee Well-being Programs

The purpose of well-being programs is to create an environment where employee’s physical, cognitive and emotional energies can thrive. For a company to be successful, managers need their employees not only to survive, but to thrive. Similarly to any other project that a company takes, it is important to have good metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of a program. Most financial executives and senior company executives are familiar with Return on Investment (ROI) for evaluating projects. We discuss how to similarly use ROI to evaluate wellbeing programs. A recent report from the SHRM Foundation, in collaboration with Globoforce, titled “Creating a More

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What is Employee Wellbeing

What is Employee Wellbeing?

Employee wellbeing programs are becoming a popular trend among companies. And the benefits are clear: fewer sick days off, lower health insurance expenses, and happier employees to name a few. As companies consider what changes to implement and what resources to add for employee wellbeing, it is important to first consider what should those programs be and what could they accomplish. Employers also need to consider how will the employees access those resources and how will they be incorporated into the company’s offerings. Employee wellbeing goes beyond improving employee health. Wellbeing programs include more comprehensive health and productivity programs that

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Sara Brackin Implementation Manager

Employee Spotlight: Sara Brackin – Implementation Manager

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight, we introduce Sara Brackin, the Implementation Manager for Continuwell. Sara has the important role of keeping the IT team and our customers in sync. She works on a variety of projects, including managing the implementation and integration our software and applications for new clients, helping troubleshoot and ensure timely updates of technology, as well as assisting clients with understanding all the different employee engagement, wellbeing, and education solutions available to them and finding the best option to fit their needs. Sara brings her education from Emory University and past experience in various technical

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Save on healthcare costs

Improve Employee Wellbeing and Save on Healthcare Costs – Case Study

Many successful companies today are starting to implement employee health and wellbeing in their strategic plan. The benefit of company wellbeing programs includes both tangible and intangible measures. For the CFO looking at the bottom line, there are some aspects of a wellbeing program that can be quantified into an actual return on investment (ROI). These include savings on medical and disability claims, decreased employee turnover, and a decrease in employee absenteeism, for example. At the same time, much of the benefits from a workplace wellbeing programs will fall outside of an easy to quantify category. These are benefits that

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