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Save on healthcare costs

Improve Employee Wellbeing and Save on Healthcare Costs – Case Study

Many successful companies today are starting to implement employee health and wellbeing in their strategic plan. The benefit of company wellbeing programs includes both tangible and intangible measures. For the CFO looking at the bottom line, there are some aspects of a wellbeing program that can be quantified into an actual return on investment (ROI). These include savings on medical and disability claims, decreased employee turnover, and a decrease in employee absenteeism, for example. At the same time, much of the benefits from a workplace wellbeing programs will fall outside of an easy to quantify category. These are benefits that

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Fast growing companies jacksonville

TriageLogic Group Awarded as One of Jacksonville’s Fastest Growing Companies Second Year in a Row

TriageLogic Group Awarded as One of Jacksonville’s Fastest Growing Companies Second Year in a Row On July 12th, 2018 the TriageLogic Group, Continuwell’s parent company, was recognized at the Jacksonville Business Journal Fast 50 awards as one of the top 50 fastest growing companies on the First Coast. Each year, the Jacksonville Business Journal highlights companies in the community who are the successfully growing. This is the second year in a row that the TriageLogic Group has been awarded. The recipients of this award include a variety of industries.  The Jacksonville Business Journal identified the businesses who have seen their

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Measuring the Success of Your Corporate Wellness Strategy

In today’s culture, work-life balance is key to many employees today. And companies today are taking note. Major companies such as Shell, Motley Fool, and Intel Corporation, for example, have started wellness programs to encourage various wellness habits such as healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss. However, as we discussed in our guide to Help Employees Engage with Your Company Resources, company leaders need to have a plan to get employees to take advantage of those resources. Here we discuss a couple of ways to help develop your corporate wellness strategy. For many companies, creating a culture of wellness is associated

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Custom Company Mobile Apps

Using Custom Company Mobile Apps to Engage and Improve Employee Productivity

Demands for enterprise mobility and flexibility are a new reality in today’s workforce, and employers have turned to mobile apps, such as Continuwell, to meet these demands. The right technology can increase productivity, enhance communication, and improve employee engagement.   A standard app off the shelf is not likely to engage your employees because it does not solve problems specific to them and it does not feel like it is part of the company. Develop or customize a brand-specific application that is unique to your company’s mobility goals. For example, your customized app allows you to make sure that the

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thriving employees

Strategies to Help Employees Thrive

For a company to be successful, managers need their employees to thrive and not just survive. Studies show that employees’ physical, cognitive, and emotional energies all improve in a thriving work environment. A recent report from the SHRM Foundation, in collaboration with Globoforce, titled “Creating a More Human Workplace Where Employees and Business Thrive” explains that caring workplaces produce employees who love their jobs and are more productive and engaged. This study found that organizations that put their employees first are more successful and create long-term value. A 2012 study from Gallup analyzed 263 research studies covering 192 companies and found that

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Guide for CFOs and HR Managers

Help Employees Engage with Your Company Resources: A Guide for CFOs and HR Managers

By Charu G. Raheja, PhD Companies invest thousands of dollars in employee wellbeing. How do they encourage employees to take advantage of those resources and make more informed decisions? When asked to list priorities for employee resources in 2018, respondents ranked their top three priorities as managing employee benefit costs (66%), helping employees make more informed benefits decisions (40%), and improving employee wellness and productivity (32%).[1] And these priorities make sense. As we discussed in our blog on return on investment, companies that invest in employee benefits, wellbeing, and related resources are associated with better performance. One final step after

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