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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Charu Raheja to be a Keynote Speaker at Biannual HAFA Conference for Healthcare Advisors

Jacksonville, FL March 5, 2018. Continuwell announces CEO, Dr. Charu Raheja, Ph.D., to be a keynote speaker at the biannual Health Agents for America (HAFA) conference in New Orleans March 8th and 9th. Dr. Raheja will present a roadmap to help health advisors assess client needs and easy-to-implement technological solutions that can serve those needs and add value to companies.    Members who attend Dr. Raheja’s talk will receive continuing education credits for learning more about finding the right tools to help manage the complexities that HR directors face today. She will discuss how agents can add value to their clients’

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access to key resources

Technology to Increase Employee Engagement and Access to Key Resources

Effective employees are the most important asset in a company. Companies invest thousands in productivity tools and health resources for employees to ensure efficiency. Now that you have committed to the investment in your people, how do you make sure they actually take advantage of those tools and have access to key resources? One of the difficulties for employees is the large amount of information provided by employers and it can sometimes be hard to figure out which ones are the most important to focus on. Employees need help finding the right resources when they need them. According to surveys,

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2018 Flu Season Activity and Tips

This year’s flu season has hit everyone hard. According to the most recent CDC flu activity update, levels of influenza-like-illness across the country are now as high as the peak of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Continuwell Health Ambassadors have seen a 28% increase in call volume from December to January. Many of these callers are suffering from flu-like symptoms and are seeking advice about how they should care for themselves. Influenza can cost a company, not just in medical costs, but lost productivity as well. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that up to 111 million workdays are lost because of

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possible heart attacks

Health Ambassadors Evaluate Possible Heart Attacks

  Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women, yet many employees do not realize that they may have heart attack symptoms. These symptoms can often be subtle or imitate other ailments, such as influenza, nausea, or back pain. Continuwell’s Health Ambassadors are trained to know the warning signs of a possible heart attack in order to help their callers get the correct care. Using standardized guidelines ensures that each caller reaches the best care quickly. Often employees may delay seeking medical attention for those subtler symptoms. They may feel stressed out or tired and use that

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Continuwell Partners with HAFA to Create an Agent/Broker App for Members

Baton Rouge, LA – January 29, 2018:  Health Agents for America (HAFA), the fastest growing association representing independent insurance agents exclusively, announced today a strategic partnership with Continuwell to create the first “Agent/Broker App” to provide easy access to resources for the agent/broker community. The Continuwell partnership will deliver HAFA members with a communication platform that allows for access to links on recent federal and state legislation, compliance information, upcoming conferences, and a portal to connect to resources and partners throughout the organization. The Continuwell platform provides the opportunity for HAFA members to make the most of their available resources,

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communication about company resources

Effective Communication About Company Resources to Build and Maintain a Productive Workforce

  Solid employee benefits demonstrate that your company values your employees and it can give you an advantage in hiring top talent. Companies often go to great lengths to highlight their benefits to potential employees, as people take many of these factors into consideration when deciding on a job.  However, once you’ve hired your top talent, how do you continue to highlight the value of your benefits plans and ensure that your employees take advantage of them? Not only are employees with good benefits happier with their employers, they also tend to be more productive and loyal. To ensure employee

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