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FAQ: Continuwell

Continuwell® is a mobile application (app) for employees or members. It allows companies to create a customized dashboard with all of their health and wellness products in one place. Continuwell offers companies the benefit of having a single mobile app that includes all of the health benefits and services available to their employees and access to our telehealth services, thus improving coordination of information and saving on unnecessary health expenses. Companies are also able to engage employees by sending them push notifications, links, events, and messages.

The app includes free 24/7 access to trained telehealth nurses, and physicians as needed, to evaluate employee health and guide them to a path to care. Through our platform, Continuwell nurses will even be able to explain what services each company provides their employees, including links to their insurance provider and wellness programs, such as smoking cessation and nutrition coaches. Continuwell’s free telehealth services are supported by over 10 years of expertise in the medical call center industry.


Your company can create its own custom mobile application (app) with Continuwell. We can customize the app with your logo and your own buttons for brand recognition. The app can be tailored to incorporate the services and benefits offered by your company. With the app you can announce events in the calendar and send push notifications to engage employees. These messages and events can even be customized to specific employee groups. We will work with your team to classify employees based on their interests, location, or any other category, so that you can send targeted messages. The Continuwell app includes free 24/7 access to triage nurses that help increase employee engagement and utilization of your benefits. Nurses can also send articles to callers upon your request.

To access all the resources, simply have your employees create an account, enter their symptoms, and they will receive a call from a licensed Registered Nurse. Most call back times are under 15 minutes. A nurse will assess your employee’s symptoms and determine what is needed to get them feeling better. Most callers do not need to see additional healthcare providers after speaking to the nurse. If a prescription or further treatment is needed, the nurse can connect the employee to one of our telemedicine doctors upon request.

Continuwell is a network of experienced, U.S. based Registered Nurses and doctors. Nurses are supervised by board certified doctors and trained to provide quality care advice, while accurately guiding patients to the correct level of care. All of our doctors are board certified in the USA.

Our unique platform solves three main problems that companies in your industry often face:

  1.  Employee Knowledge of Available Options. Our app is easily accessible and ensures that employees know what benefits and resources are available to them. Company benefits and portals are consolidated into one single app with one single sign-in, providing employees with a place to explore their options. The app dynamically changes as benefits change, making it easy for employees to always find up to date resources. 
  2. Communication with Employees. Our platform allows organizations to control the push notifications that get sent to their employees. The platform also allows organizations to segment smart push notifications to a single employee group, or subgroup within an organization, to effectively communicate with all members.
  3. Access to Telehealth (optional).  We include free 24/7 access to our telehealth nurses from the mobile application. These nurses evaluate callers and determine the course of action needed based on their symptoms. Nurses can also educate employees on their available health and wellness benefits. Many callers only need reassurance and home care advice. However, if needed, our nurses will work with the organization’s existing telehealth company or connect the callers to telehealth doctors as needed.

TriageLogic is our accredited call center staffed with highly trained nurses. TriageLogic has been a leading provider of quality patient care for over ten years. TriageLogic provides patient call solutions to over 9,000 doctors within the United States and has taken over 1.1 million patient phone calls.

Continuwell offers annual contracts for corporations, insurance companies, hospitals, associations, not-for-profit organizations, and many other types of businesses. Continuwell offers a Partner Program for benefits brokers and wellness companies. Contact our sales team at 844-258-HEAL (4325) to customize your options and pricing.

A Registered Nurse will return your employees call within 15 minutes. Median callback time is 8-10 minutes.


Yes! Continuwell starts an e-visit with licensed Registered Nurses to assess symptoms. If your employees need a doctor visit or a prescription, they may choose to see one of our telehealth doctors. Our nurse connects them to one of our doctors who will provide further evaluation and prescribe approved medication if necessary.

Yes! Every member of our medical staff is in the United States. Our doctors are board certified and our nurses are registered with state licenses.

Yes! Continuwell only staffs Licensed Registered Nurses located in the United States. Your employees will never have an automated system call back to evaluate their symptoms.

Yes! All Continuwell physicians are located in the United States and are board certified doctors. Your employees will never have an automated system call back to evaluate symptoms.

Yes! Once the nurse does an initial evaluation, your employees can decide if they prefer to make an appointment with their own physician or see one of our telehealth doctors right away. In addition, we can send all the notes documented during the call to their primary care physician upon request to help them keep all their health information with their physician. Employees can also skip the nurse and connect directly with the doctor, if your organization chooses to allow that option.

We provide pediatric consults, however, for legal purposes, our nurses are not allowed to provide care via telephone without parental consent. To be sure this is always received, we require all accounts for minors be linked with an adult who contacts the nurse for the minor and offers consent.

Common symptoms include abdominal pain, constipation, common cold, cough or sore throat, earache or ear infection, fever (3 months or older), headache or head injury, high blood pressure, immunization reactions, medication requests, rash or redness, and vomiting with diarrhea.

Our nurses and doctors are located nationwide. They are licensed in your state to practice nursing and medicine.

We pride ourselves on giving the best patient advice. That’s why we:

    • Offer rapid call back time
    • Forward your nurse notes to your doctor if you want
    • Have 24/7 availability, even on holidays
    • Never charge for longer consult calls
    • Utilize experienced nurses trained and supervised by doctors
    • Take your suggestions seriously – we want you to love our service

If your employees have a medical emergency, they should dial 911 immediately. For non-clinical questions, please send all inquiries to Employees can also send a message requesting another phone call.

In the unlikely event that the nurse does not call back, please have your employees resubmit their call and be sure to let the nurse who calls them back know what happened.

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal. All employees can enter their preferred payment method under account information, for easy access.

Continuwell complies with HIPAA privacy laws and uses encryption for transferring and storing data. So your employees can feel comfortable sharing their private health concerns with our nurse. Information is not stored in open or easily read format. We use HIPAA compliant web servers that store your information in an encrypted format with a strong encryption key.

Nurse calls are free for members. This encourages utilization. We often find that symptoms can be treated with home care if they are caught early. This prevents unnecessary sick days and health complications.  The nurses evaluate caller symptoms and determine what they need to do to get better. They will also coordinate the care by sending the encounter information to the caller’s physician, if they choose to have them do so. Nurses will also inform your employees about available wellness and health benefits  provided by your company and empower employees to stay healthy.


Our nurses and doctors are available 24/7/365, so your employees can get care right away, while also saving time and money.

Still have questions? Contact us.
Call 844-258-HEAL (4325) or email