Most Frequently Asked Questions

We help companies save time and money by changing member behavior. We do that through a combination of technology and human interaction.

In March 2014, Continuwell’s CFO, Dr. Charu Raheja was on vacation when she began to feel dizzy and nauseous. She has a terrible headache and began to sweat.  Her husband Ravi was worried and wanted to take her to the ER. As Medical Director of TriageLogic, he was familiar with the protocols nurses would use to decide what level of care was needed, but Charu refused to go for help.

A week later, with the conditions persisting, Charu finally went to a neurologist. A brain MRI was ordered and the scan revealed that she had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and had a pool of blood in her brain, caused by an arteriovenous malformation which had ruptured in her head. What followed was invasive surgery and months of rehabilitation. She had to learn how to walk and talk all over again, and the process was overwhelming, even for someone like Charu who had built TriageLogic with her husband from the ground up. 

But Charu was determined to get better and was committed to finding a way to prevent others from ending up like she did, or worse. She knew if this could happen to her, it could happen to anyone, including someone with a life-threatening emergency but without a spouse and friends who were doctors or to someone who was strong-willed like she was, who wouldn’t take time to get treatment. Charu wanted to make benefits and other employer resources easy to find, 24/7, even in an emergency, so that more people would use them. 

She created Continuwell. 

As part of the Continuwell platform, your members get access to trained nurses 24/7 to answer their questions about health symptoms and your company resources for health. Health Ambassadors empower your employees with professionals who can resolve medical symptoms and give health education resources, as well as provide empathy when they need it.

Decrease in Chronic and Preventable Illness

Health Ambassadors educate callers about the specific health and wellness resources available to them. This increases the utilization of resources that decrease preventable illnesses and medical complications.

Decrease in Medical Claims

Continuwell health ambassadors educate employees on better use of medical resources, thus decreasing overall medical claims.

Decrease in Sick Days off

Free 24/7 health ambassadors and nurses encourage employees to call and get help as soon as a health symptom arises, decreasing time off for treatment.

Decrease in Employee Turnover

Simplify access to resources with employees Continuwell increases overall employee commitment to the organization and decreases overall turnover.


Calls are free for members and encourage utilization.

Our health ambassadors and nurses are available 24/7/365, so your employees can get care right away, while also saving time and money. Our health ambassadors also inform your employees about available wellness and health benefits provided by your company and empower employees to stay healthy.

Still have questions? Contact us. Call 844-258-HEAL (4325) or email info@continuwell.com