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Continuwell is your Solution:

  • Puts all your company resources on one convenient mobile app
  • Measurable ROI on your bottom line
  • Branded and customized to your organization
  • Communicate directly through push notification
  • Ready to roll out within days
  • Provides 24/7 live health ambassadors

What can your organization do with Continuwell?

Engage Members at Their Fingertips

Send push notifications and schedule reminders to all your colleagues or specific groups, increasing easy access to communication.

Give Access Company Specific Resources

Place all relevant resources in your personalized organization app. This means that everyone gets easy access to everything that they need most.

Increase Productivity and Loyalty

Awareness and improved access to resources saves time and makes everyone feel appreciated and cared for; increasing productivity, commitment to company goals and overall loyalty.

Improve Health and Wellness

Our health ambassadors make sure health concerns are addressed right away. Health Ambassadors are available 24/7 to speak to members and their family, evaluate symptoms, answer health questions, and remind them about benefits available to them.

Adopt to your Changing Resources

You can alter the content on demand as our productivity, wellness and other programs change.

Track the Use of your Resources

Our technology and team provides analysis of data, use of resources, and trends to help you inspire action by your members.

Your members will be empowered

  • Easily access resources directly from their mobile phones
  • Easy access to messages and company events
  • More productivity, less waste
  • 24/7 free access to health ambassadors; No symptom is
    too big or small

Save health costs and increase utilization of services with our Health Ambassadors

Our mobile application includes free 24/7 access to our Health Ambassadors who evaluate symptoms, educate members, recommend alternative, less expensive health options, and educate members on your company resources. Health Ambassadors also send notes to a teledoctor or the member’s doctor. Members receive professional care advice preventing unnecessary emergency room trips.       No symptom is too big or small.

Simplify your service and start boosting
member engagement today with Continuwell

What is Continuwell? An affordable mobile platform for your company

On Demand

Employees can access all company resources from a single mobile app.

Save Cost

Free nurses and easy access to telehealth doctors decrease healthcare costs.

Stay Connected

Communication with employees through segmented push notifications that you control.

Always Flexible

Change your app content on demand as your needs and benefits change. No need to download new apps again.

Customer Testimonials

The old school way of benefits just isn’t working anymore… I can see everyone having this app in the next few years. I also like being able to place important information for my team in the mobile app.”

– Niku Fortune 500 Manager

24/7 Access to free Health Ambassadors and telehealth means that my employees and I can get care even if it is the middle of the night or a holiday. We have saved both time and healthcare expenses with Continuwell.

– Tiffany Suleski, CEO of C&T Massage Therapy LLC

Simplify member communication

Improve member satisfaction, retention and maximize your investment in employee healthcare.

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