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Continuwell empowers people to make educated decisions about their health.

Continuwell Doctors and Nurses


Your Engagement Ambassasdors 

Continuwell offers Free 24/7 access to US Registered Nurses who will guide your employees to the appropriate care for their symptoms. Nurses will also educate employees on company resources, common health issues and share any documents requested by the company.

How to contact a Nurse:

Step 1:

When members need to talk to a nurse or doctor about their symptoms, they simply open the app, enter their concern and request a call. A nurse will call back within minutes, ready to help the caller and address their health concerns FOR FREE! If further care is needed they will
help with instructions.

Step 2:

After a virtual nurse or doctor visit with Continuwell your member will have a clear path of care, whether it is at home or a more urgent situation.


  • Easy to access: Send a message and a nurse calls back. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Complete Privacy: We will not share information unless requested by the member
  • Trusted, Independent, and Objective Opinion: We are independent of insurance or pharmaceutical companies
  • Save Money on Telehealth Doctor: Nurses only recommend a doctor visit when necessary
of people are able to avoid a visit to the ER
find out their symptoms are more serious than they thought
of callers avoided spending more time or money on their symptoms
million calls taken and counting

Customer Testimonials


Continuwell saves costs and increases utilization

Free access to nurses encourages usage. Our nurses assist 3 out of every 4 patients without the need for a telemedicine doctor or primary care visit, further reducing cost.

Continuwell Saves Costs

Outcomes from Calls

Outstanding care: Our nurses use standardized, doctor written guidelines to assess each patient.

Effective: 1 out of every 2 callers is able to use over-the-counter medication and receive home care advice by the nurse, with no further treatment needed.

Decreased health expenses: Only 1 out of every 4 callers needs to be further evaluated by a doctor for a prescription or additional care.

Full treatment plan: After going over the caller’s symptoms and past medical history, nurses determine a care plan for the caller and provide care advice.

Continuity: Callers have the option to see their own primary care doctors if the symptoms are not urgent.

Our Experience

Telemedicine Experience

FIND out how you can get your employees and members back to work faster using the 3 easy steps above