Continuwell empowers people to make educated decisions about their health.

Continuwell Doctors and Nurses

24/7 Health

We support and engage your staff

As part of the Continuwell platform, your members get access to trained nurses 24/7 to answer their questions about health symptoms and your company resources for health. We empower your employees with professionals who can resolve medical symptoms and give health education resources, as well as provide empathy when they need it. Our Health Ambassadors have open minds and hearts to help employees manage questions and concerns and find the best path to care.

“We use our knowledge to treat the whole person”

– Ravi Raheja, MD
Chief Technology Officer

employee health


  • Easy to access: Send a message and a Health Ambassador calls back. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Complete Privacy: We will not share information unless requested by the member
  • Trusted, Independent, and Objective Opinion: We are independent of insurance or pharmaceutical companies
  • Resource Education: Health ambassadors assist members with navigating their company’s resources
How wellness improves presenteeism – Presenteeism accounts for 75% of productivity losses
Improved morale when employees are cared for – 66% of employees in strong health cultures say they are extremely happy with their lives
of callers avoided spending more time or money on their symptoms
million calls taken and counting

Customer Testimonials


You have been investing in health and wellness resources,
Continuwell helps your employees access them.

Outcomes from Calls

Clear Understanding:

Health ambassadors educate callers about what resources are available to them to manage health symptoms of chronic health issues.


Our platform is HIPAA compliant, so employees can feel that their information is safe.

No Judgement:

Health ambassadors are trained to be kind and objective. Employees have the freedom to speak openly and ask any questions.

Highly Trained:

Health ambassadors are trained nurses who can provide educated symptom assistance and optional services.

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