Custom Mobile App                for Your Company

Engagement is vital to the success of any organization.

Empower your employees with easy access to your company resources and increase engagement through our mobile platform.

One Enterprise Platform that Keeps All Links and Apps in One Place on Desktop or Smartphone

Solve the challenge of consolidating many services and benefits by putting everything in one place

We Create Your Company App:

White-labeled for your company at a fraction of the cost

  • Customize color and dashboard - Your Company, Your App, Your Logo
  • Change the buttons and links as your services change
  • Send push notifications to employee segments, highlight messages and events
  • Create different dashboards for different groups within your company

How it Works

We recognize the challenge of getting employees to download, register, and remember the services available to them. Continuwell’s patent pending mobile platform is designed to help your Human Resources Team. Your team selects the services to include and we create a custom mobile application for your employees. The best part is, the platform is flexible enough that you can add and remove services on demand.


  1. Easy to use, easy to access.
  2. Customize with your logo and your own buttons for brand recognition.
  3. Customize with the services offered by your Company.
  4. Single sign-on ability means that your employees can seamlessly navigate through all of your services.
  5. Announce events in calendar and send push notifications to engage employees.
  6. Send customized messages to specific employee groups.
  7. Our Free 24/7 nurses included encourages utilization of the app.

“Our benefits and resources are scattered all over the place, I love the concept of putting them all in one place.”
-HR manager for 3500 employees

Looking to ensure employees take advantage of your health and wellness program?

Make it easy for them by placing all of your services in one single mobile application that has fingerprint sign on capabilities.

Services such as fitness tracking, nutrition, wellness challenges, rewards, and incentives will be accessible through a single mobile app controlled by your company.


Highlight Company Messages and Events

Push Notifications – with an open rate of 88%

Take employees directly to the action needed

・Benefit enrollment
・Training video
・Make donation
・Health screening sign-up

Segment Push Notification to Specific Groups
Within Your Organization

Save Health Costs and Increase Utilization of Services with Our Nurses

Access your health program from anywhere

  • Telehealth doctors
  • Dental/vision
  • Free 24/7 Nurse

Promote Your Internal Health & Wellness Resources

Simplify your service and start boosting
employee engagement today with Continuwell

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