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Custom Health and Wellness Mobile App for Your Company


Engagement is vital to the success of any organization.

Help your employees access their benefits and increase engagement through our mobile platform.

continuwell mobile platform
consolidate your company apps with Continuwell

Looking to ensure employees take advantage of your health and wellness program?

Make it easy for them by placing all of your services in one single mobile application. With a single customized app, your employees will have access to all the services available in ONE place.
Services such as fitness tracking, nutrition, wellness challenges, rewards, and incentives will be accessible through a single mobile app controlled by your company.

How Does It Work?

We recognize the challenge of getting employees to download, register, and remember the services available to them. Continuwell’s patent pending mobile platform is designed to help your Human Resources Team. Your Team selects the services to include and we create a custom mobile application for your employees. The best part is, the platform is flexible enough that you can add and remove services on demand.

  1. Easy to use, easy to access.
  2. Customize with your logo and your own buttons  for brand recognition.
  3. Customize with the services offered by your Company.
  4. Single sign-on ability means that your employees  can seamlessly navigate through all of your services.
  5. Announce events in calendar and send push  notifications to engage employees.
  6. Send customized messages to specific  employee groups.
  7. Our Free 24/7 nurses included encourages utilization of the app.
push notifications with Continuwell

Push notifications allow you to take your company’s communications to the next level.

Place all of your wellness and health options in one, easy to access spot – with so many options available to employees, it is easy for a company’s benefits and programs to get lost. Our customizable mobile application places your company’s benefits in your employees’ hands, making it easy for them to find the resources they need, when they need it.

Continuwell not only offers our outstanding telehealth service, which includes easy access to nurses and doctors to discuss any medical symptoms or concerns, we create a custom mobile app for you and your Company