How to encourage manufacturing employees to be healthy

It is a known fact that healthier and engaged employees lead to a better workplace and company bottom line. As a result, many of us are investing in wellness programs and other resources to achieve a healthier workplace. Some common programs include telemedicine, rewards programs, mental health (EAP), financial wellness, weight loss, smoking cessation, and discounted gym memberships, to name a few.

Unfortunately, offering the resources alone, do not inherently keep people healthy. Some of the companies that came to us, for example, had less than a 5% engagement with some of their programs that were costing thousands of dollars to run. Others had good engagement only from the employees that were already exercising  positive habits before the program, but were not able to modify the behaviors of those who they needed to reach with

The Hidden Costs of Not Going Digital

Increase Employee Wellness

“We observed a 20% decrease on accidents on the job after implementing Continuwell.”  
– Robert, HR Executive for a manufacturing company.

their new programs. Other companies had great safety checklists that no one was able to access while on the road because they were hard to find online.

For customers looking to improve employee health and wellness and take advantage of the resources that they are already paying for, Continuwell uses a combination of people, mobile technology and ease communication to create trust, bring awareness, and encourage the behaviors. Once we implement Continuwell and create trust, we can more easily encourage behavior change. A longtime customer, for example, started a new program for a gym membership. They were surprised with how quickly we were able to encourage usage of gym membership: over 60% enrollment in the first two months!

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Employers’ total annual health care costs per active employee in the U.S. from 2015 to 2019 (in U.S. dollars)

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